Consultative Ophthalmology & Second Opinion Exams in Wesley Chapel, FL

If you have any eye condition, please do not hesitate to contact RejuvaMed. We offer comprehensive eye exams and second opinion cunsultations. Our clinic is located at 28945 State Road 54 Suite 101 Wesley Chapel, FL 33543.

Consultative Ophthalmology & Second Opinion Exams in Wesley Chapel, FL
Consultative Ophthalmology & Second Opinion Exams in Wesley Chapel, FL

When you visit an ophthalmologist for a vision or eye condition, you are understandably seeking resolution. If you continue to have questions or fail to see the desired outcome from your initial form of care, a second opinion may be in order.

Dr. Kenneth Andronico is happy to offer second opinion exams to patients. This process involves the full extent of assessment that any new patient would receive. We believe in providing the highest level of care possible, investigating the underlying cause of the problem so that we can make the most accurate recommendation for care.

Obtaining a second opinion can do one of two things: it can give you the confidence you need to move forward with the treatment that has been recommended for your condition or it will confirm your suspicion that an alternative form of care would be best suited to your needs and expectations.

Dr. Andronico has an extensive background to help patients address their unique concerns in a thorough and compassionate manner. Whether you are experiencing the symptoms of dry eye disorder, corneal disorder, or have concerns related to prescribed corrective eye wear, we can help.

Patients who visit us benefit from a thorough consultation and examination, whether this is for an original problem or for a second opinion. Our aim is to obtain an accurate diagnosis so a targeted plan for resolution can be designed. The diagnostic process completed during your visit will revolve around your particular concerns and may involve multiple tests.

Specialized eye tests may be performed to analyze the cornea, retina, and other structures. Based on the findings of your medical history and consultation, tests may be recommended.

Consultative ophthalmology services can help you better understand your eye health and learn how to manage it optimally. We are happy to schedule a convenient appointment time for you so that you may receive clear, concise answers to your questions. Contact our office today to arrange your visit with Dr. Andronico.

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