Eye Care in Wesley Chapel, FL

Eye Care Clinic in Wesley Chapel, FL

At RejuvaMed, Dr. Kenneth Andronico & his experienced staff provide comprehensive eye care treatment for adults & senior citizens. Please call our office to book an appointment. Our clinic is located at 28945 State Road 54 Suite 101 Wesley Chapel, FL 33543.

Eye Care Clinic in Wesley Chapel, FL
Eye Care Clinic in Wesley Chapel, FL

Dr. Andronico specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome. His years of experience, coupled with his use of integrative technologies, help patients obtain the results they seek.

Tears are vital to comfort because they nourish and lubricate the eyes. Additionally, tears are integral to eye health and clear vision. When either the quality or quantity of tears is affected, chronic problems such as discomfort or infection become a concern. Dry eye syndrome may occur in people of all ages, though the risk of development increases with age.

Tears are dispersed across the front surface of the eyes, or the cornea, with every blink. Adequate fluidity is necessary to wash away debris and foreign matter and to protect the eye from infection. The production of tears may be impacted in two distinct ways:

Inadequate quantity

Several different glands around the eyelids work to produce an adequate quantity of tears. With age, production tends to diminish. Other factors that may decrease tear production include the use of certain medications or a medical condition. Even environmental factors can cause tears to evaporate very quickly, leading to symptoms such as grittiness or a sensation that something is in the eye.

Poor quality

Tears contain not only water but also mucus and oil. Each element is important to the overall nourishment and protection of the cornea. Oil is necessary for the retention of water, keeping evaporation to a minimum. Mucus within tears facilitates disbursement across the front surface of the eye. If the ratio of oil and mucus to water is imbalanced, tears may not spread evenly across the eye or may evaporate too quickly. Either scenario could lead to dry eye symptoms.

Symptom relief through innovative treatment

Often, blepharitis, or chronic inflammation in the eyelid, could be the cause of dry eye syndrome. This underlying condition is the result of buildup of exotoxins beneath the eyelid around the lash line. As microscopic debris accumulates around the eye, irritation worsens.

Exfoliation is a term that we often associate with the skin. The eye lid, however, can also benefit from gentle, precise exfoliation. Using the BlephEx procedure, Dr. Andronico can remove buildup from the eyelids and lashes. Many patients notice an immediate improvement in comfort and vision after treatment. BlephEx may be performed to help reduce the symptoms of dry eye.

Do your eyes often feel irritated, itchy, gritty, sandy, or scratchy? Do they feel like something is in your eye or like someone threw sand in them when you wake up in the morning or in the later part of the afternoon? Do your eyes water or tear excessively or does your vision blur while reading after a short period? This may be symptoms related to dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome is more than a nuisance.

If this condition is not properly treated, there is the risk of damage to the eye’s surface, which could lead to vision impairment.

Dry eye is a condition that may have one of various root causes. For this reason, each patient may be treated differently. In our practice, we do not assume that the same type of treatment is appropriate for every patient or situation. Instead, we perform a thorough consultation, medical history, and examination to determine what may be causing dry eye symptoms. Through these steps, we are able to treat the condition itself rather than symptoms alone.

Your eyes directly affect your quality of life. If you are experiencing the symptoms of dry eyes, you deserve more than an eye drop solution; you deserve care that addresses the cause of your condition. Learn more about your treatment options in your consultation with Dr. Kenneth Andronico.

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