Headache in Wesley Chapel, FL

Headache Treatments in Wesley Chapel, FL

Are you suffering from headache? Looking for a treatment to get rid of your pain? Look no further than RejuvaMed. At RejuvaMed we provide a variety of treatment options for a headache. Call us for more information or request an appointment online. Our clinic is located at 28945 State Road 54 Suite 101 Wesley Chapel, FL 33543.

Headache Treatments in Wesley Chapel, FL
Headache Treatments in Wesley Chapel, FL

Headaches of various types are some of the most common medical complaints. Almost everyone will experience an occasional headache. Some people, according to research, experience headache pain as many as 180 days a year.

A headache may be mildly uncomfortable or may be debilitating. Some headaches last only a few minutes while others can linger for days. People who suffer from chronic headaches often say that they feel as though their headache has lasted for months or for years.

The standard approach to treating headaches is to resolve pain with medication. This may be an over-the-counter analgesic or a prescription drug meant only at pain relief. Osteopathic treatment for headaches differs in that it seeks to understand the cause of pain in order to treat it with maximum efficiency. If the cause of pain is not corrected, a lifetime may be spent managing it.

Osteopathic treatment for headaches

Dr. Andronico assesses the link between disease and the musculoskeletal system – the bones, muscles, and nerves. Doctors of Osteopathy completed medical school as well as training in osteopathic manipulation techniques. Dr. Andronico has received additional training in the area of Nutritional and Metabolic Medicine and can provide an integrative approach to the treatment of headaches and many other related conditions.

The techniques employed are noninvasive, focusing on joint mobilization through the gentle manipulation of soft tissue, muscle, and joint mobility to increase range of motion. To determine the most suitable form of therapy for headaches, Dr. Andronico performs a comprehensive examination and consultation, which includes a full medical history and focused history of headaches. During your visit, you will discuss the frequency of headaches, timing of onset, duration, sensations, secondary problems associated with headaches, and more. Depending on the findings of your history, specific tests, such as hormone levels, may be ordered. A physical exam will find areas of tension pertinent to headache pain.

Treatment for headache pain will depend on the type of headache, findings of your initial consultation, and your lab work. Musculoskeletal manipulation may be combined with nutritional counseling and supplementation, hormonal therapy, stress management, and other forms of care.

Whether you suffer from chronic tension headaches or severe migraines, there is hope that your condition can improve with appropriate care. Learn more about your treatment options in a visit with Dr. Kenneth AndronicoCall RejuvaMed today.