Osteopathic Neuromuscular Manipulation Doctor

Osteopathic Neuromuscular Manipulation Doctor Near Pebble Creek, FL

Osteopathic Neuromuscular Manipulation Doctor Near Pebble Creek, FL
Osteopathic Neuromuscular Manipulation Doctor Near Pebble Creek, FL

If you have muscle pain, migraines, or a similar health issue, you may benefit from seeing an osteopathic neuromuscular manipulation doctor. You’ll find one near Pebble Creek FL here at RejuvaMed! Reach out to us today or read on to learn more about us, our doctor, and the treatment he offers for patients like you.

What is a DO?

This particular kind of professional is a doctor of osteopathic medicine. With this kind of medicine, the total person is tended to and the interrelationship of the body’s various systems is considered.

Osteopathic medicine is the fastest growing field of medicine in the U.S. The biggest difference between a DO and an MD is that the DO receives training in osteopathic diagnosis and manipulative treatment in addition to training in conventional medicine. This means the DO has additional ways of treating patients for various health issues.

What is osteopathic neuromuscular manipulation?

Also known as OMT, osteopathic manipulation is an approach to healthcare that’s designed to achieve and maintain patients’ health by restoring normal, natural function to the body. Osteopathic manipulation is the therapeutic application of manual pressure to treat musculoskeletal disorders like:

  • Low back pain or neck pain, including some chronic pain
  • Many sports injuries or repetitive stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Some kinds of headaches, like migraines

If you’ve been suffering from one of those issues or a similar issue, then you could benefit greatly from osteopathic neuromuscular manipulation and the techniques involved in it.

What are some of the different techniques used in osteopathic neuromuscular manipulation?

There are several different techniques in OMT, such as the:

  • Soft tissue technique – The application of pressure to the muscle area around the spine; the technique consists of deep pressure, rhythmic stretching, and traction
  • Muscle energy technique – The patient uses their muscles from a precise position and in a specific direction against a counterforce the DO applies
  • Thrust technique – High velocity forces help restore motion to a joint which can reduce or eliminate the signs of asymmetry, tissue changes, restricted movement, or tenderness
  • Counterstrain technique – For an acute injury; the patient is moved away from a position where their motion is restricted to a different position of greater comfort

At RejuvaMed, these techniques are performed by our fully capable DO, Dr. Kenneth Andronico. The doctor would be very happy to speak with you more about your health and the services he can provide. You can reach out to us at RejuvaMed for a simple consultation with the doctor.

What should I expect from my consultation?

You can expect Dr. Andronico to be very professional and understanding of your health issue, and to ask you more about it. He will likely perform a medical history check and a physical exam, and if necessary to diagnose and treat your condition, order any X-rays or other diagnostic tests. And once the doctor knows how to treat you, he’ll help you put together a comprehensive treatment plan that may include osteopathic neuromuscular manipulation and other methods of treatment.

Do you have an osteopathic neuromuscular manipulation doctor near Pebble Creek, FL?

Yes! At RejuvaMed, located at 28945 State Road 54, Suite 101, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, Dr. Andronico would be happy to see you. You can call us if you have any other questions for us or if you’d like to book a consultation with the doctor. If you’d prefer to, you can book with us online. We’d be happy to hear from you for any reason, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you believe as we do that we can help you at our clinic.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!